FP2 FOR SALE for parts or if someone wants to fix it

Fairphone 2 for sale. Overall works but not every time turns on as it should. Most parts are in good condition, display, battery, the phone overall switches on and works, however, there is some contact issue as the SIMcards sometimes do not work with good reception and also the phone turns off on occasions. Also at times before it starts there are pixels on the screen. The speaker/mic don’t work, only with headphones. The rest seems ok except for the above issues. It has a white slim case in I’d say average “used” condition but still in one piece.
If anyone interested to fix it or needs spare parts, please contact me for pictures and I am open to offers. I am based in London UK, however can ship it elsewhere if you kindly cover the shipping. Look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Just wondering what rear camera does this have? 8mp or 12mp?


That’s a good question. Based on that the new 12MP camera was released somewhere end of 2017 and the phone was purchased in March 2017 I’d assume that 8MP. Would you know any other way on how to determine it for sure, please? Thx!

At least the camera app should provide some info on the resolution that can be chosen.

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You can also tell from the physical appearance of the camera. If it has a white plastic strip then it’s the newer 12MP module. Fairphone 2 (A9). Identify camera modules – Support


thx a lot! It’s the old one 8MP.

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