FP2 for sale | Brand new with original delivery note

Hi Fairphone-Lovers,

I have a brand new FP2 for sale that was sent to me 08/2018 as a replacement of a defective prior FP2 version. It has never been used and comes with the following supplementary items:

  • White original FP2 casing (brand new)
  • 1 original battery (FP2-BAT02, brand new)

Price: 250 EUR (fixed, since already great value for money) + shipping

Shipping: All over Europe. Fees have to be covered by buyer.


Please show the phone switched on with the current date showing :slight_smile:

As device no longer has benefit of any warranty price is perhaps a little optimistic as hardly a “collector’s item”, but happy to be proven wrong here.

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Hi Amoun,

the phone has never been switched on since it is new and unused (see pictures).


Could you nevertheless switch the phone on and take a photo to show it works? It is just a matter of security :slight_smile:

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Never understood why it is so hard for the seller to show the working phone when selling second hand, it is a logical thing to do and a no brainer. Also, you cannot sell it as brand new as you cannot prove that you didn’t use it, and it has no warranty.

The fp2 gives bad rep to fairphone in light of fp3, I cannot fathom why would anyone get fp2 when they can get fp3 which is in another league. Only as a memorabilia. The price is arbitrary when it comes to purchases for sentimental reasons.

Sure, no problem. See picture below. The name of the photo also contains the time stamp. Best, Michael


Dear Existentionaut,

you - as everyone else - are under no obligation to buy the phone. However, if you indeed do not intend to do so, I kindly ask you to refrain from implying that I am lying and/or selling a bad quality phone.

The phone is new and unused as stated, the serial numbers are shown in the pictures above, and I have the paperwork showing that Fairphone delivered this phone to me in 2018.

The original price of the phone was 529 EUR, so I do believe that 250 EUR is a fair price. If you have a different opinion, I do not have a problem with that. However, manners matter, also in the Internet.



Two issues

  1. I don’t think their was any implication, just a note that buyers may worry when it is not shown working, has no warranty and hasn’t been unpacked, like who would keep a phone lime that.

  2. Now you have opened it looks like the battery could do with a charge.

  3. There may be avid FP2 users that would love to get a phone in pristine condition.

All the best

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