FP2 : Fixing loose micro-usb cable?

Several of my micro-usb cable became loose after some month of intensive use…
They still work in a given angle/position, but doesn’t stay in place when I slightly move my FP2…
I was initially wondering if the culprit is my FP2 bottom module or the cable, but with fresh-new cables there is no issue.

Does any of you have similar experience, and was able to repair the cable?
Searching on Internet I found different solutions:

A long term solution maybe use a magnetic cable, I’ve ordered a batch from https://syllucid.com/ which has some old Fairphone staff and are using the Fairtrade principals on materials and production. Still waiting for the cables :slight_smile:

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I think most likely this can only be really fixed by the third option.
But let’s see when Solderman @ElKrasso finds the time to chime in here … :angel:


Yes I also see that micro USB cable after some time are loose, however his also happens when using with other devices and I think its more an micro USB issue with the 2 “pins” on the downside…also it all depends how “careful” you use it, meaning look before you place it , to ensure its correctly inserted, do not use while loading to avoid to pull, when pulling out don’t pull at the cable but at the plug. This will not only save life of cable but also of the FP2 bottom module USB and Micro


The cable itself is hard till impossible to repair. All the cables are moulded around the connectors. The only option could be to solder a new connector to them what needs advaned soldering skills and expensive equipment.
My experience is to use not the cheap cables. Anker or Fairphone cables are my recommendation.


Maybe not so difficult for some and no expensive equipment

I have had the same problem after my cable accidentally got violently taken out of the plug, and now it sometimes doesn’t stay plugged in correctly. Perhaps it’s because the cable are bad quality, or because at some point due to intensive use they get damaged?

Edit: Just noticed that was more or less what @yvmuell was saying.

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