FP2 falls down - now sim cards doesn't work

my FP2 falling down… directly on the display. From the outside I can’t find any damage. From system side it works also. WLAN even works. But the connection to both simcards don’t work. When I reboot the phone it asks for the pin…it even recognise the correct pin and that there are two sim cards in… but mobile data and a phone call doesn’t work anymore.
I reboot several times. Switch the sim cards out and in again. But it still don’t work.
What can be the fault? Some contacts broken? Do I need a spare part? Which could be the right one?
Thanks for your help!

Suggest that it is more likely that the antenna connection(s) has been dislodged by the fall, which would account for your symptoms. SIM card holders are soldered to motherboard and very unlikely that both would detach simultaneously. Have a look at this thread: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/no-signal-bad-data-connection/19065/23


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