FP2: Fairphone OS & Fairphone Open 22.08.0-rel.0


Fairphone OS & Fairphone Open 22.08.0-rel.0 are now available. You can get them through the Updater.


Issues fixed since the previous Android 10 release (22.06.0-rel.0).

  • 2022-08-05 security patch level
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—July 2022:
      CVE-2021-0341, CVE-2021-0981, CVE-2022-20219, CVE-2022-20221, CVE-2022-20223,
      CVE-2022-20224, CVE-2022-20225, CVE-2022-20229, CVE-2022-20230, CVE-2022-22058
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—August 2022:
      CVE-2021-39696, CVE-2022-20344, CVE-2022-20346, CVE-2022-20347, CVE-2022-20348, CVE-2022-20349, CVE-2022-20350, CVE-2022-20353, CVE-2022-20355, CVE-2022-20358, CVE-2022-20360, CVE-2022-20361

Please report any (new) issues through the public bugtracker and upvote existing issues if you are affected. As usual, please specify the steps to reproduce, and provide as many details as possible.


The update to 22.06.0 created a nuisance for me - my FP2 is loosing mobile data after a few minutes after turning on - only a reboot helps.

Can anyone confirm this issue could be fixed - as there are only security fixes listed? I’m a little wary to update…

there is an issue reported in the bug tracker, did you check the status? This bug did not hit everybody, so maybe its easier to follow-up over there.

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@yvmuell Thanks a lot for the link - I’ll add my bug report and hope for the best!

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