FP2: Fairphone OS & Fairphone Open 22.06.0-rel.0


Fairphone OS & Fairphone Open 22.06.0-rel.0 are now available. You can get them through the Updater.


Issues fixed since the previous Android 10 release (22.04.0-rel.1).

  • Update mainline modules
  • 2022-06-05 security patch level
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—May 2022:
      CVE-2021-39700, CVE-2022-20004, CVE-2022-20005, CVE-2022-20007, CVE-2022-20009, CVE-2022-20011, CVE-2022-20112, CVE-2022-20114, CVE-2022-22064, CVE-2022-22065
    • from the Android Security Bulletin—June 2022:
      CVE-2021-0506, CVE-2021-39671, CVE-2021-39691, CVE-2022-20006, CVE-2022-20123, CVE-2022-20124, CVE-2022-20126, CVE-2022-20127, CVE-2022-20129, CVE-2022-20130, CVE-2022-20131, CVE-2022-20132, CVE-2022-20133, CVE-2022-20134, CVE-2022-20135, CVE-2022-20136, CVE-2022-20138, CVE-2022-20141, CVE-2022-20142, CVE-2022-20143, CVE-2022-20144, CVE-2022-20147, CVE-2022-24958

Changes specific to Fairphone Open:

  • Update Chromium WebView to version 102.0.5005.113

Please report any (new) issues through the public bugtracker and upvote existing issues if you are affected. As usual, please specify the steps to reproduce, and provide as many details as possible.


@MaartenD A problem with MD5 checksum is reported in this post:

Have there been any other cases?

There is an old report is this mainly the same?


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Could be. I’ll suggest they clear the cache and data of the updater app. Thanks!

I’ve double checked all checksums on the OTA server, but I couldn’t find any issues. As far as I’m aware there haven’t been any other cases, so I suspect it’s a local issue. Clearing the cache/data of the Updater app should help there indeed. I’ll keep an eye out for any additional reports :slight_smile:


I just noted that the Zip archive here is still previous version 22.04 although named 22.06.0-rel.0.


Thanks for reporting, I’ve forwarded your report to the responsible team.


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