FP2: Fairphone OS & Fairphone Open 21.08.1-rel.0 release


Fairphone OS & Fairphone Open 21.08.1-rel.0 are now available. You can get it through the Updater.


Issues fixed since the previous Android 9 release (21.05.0-rel.1).

Changes specific to Fairphone Open:

Please report any (new) issues through the public bugtracker and upvote existing issues if you are affected. As usual, please specify the steps to reproduce, and provide as many details as possible.


I have a problem with doing a backup before I install the update. The instructions (here: How to back up your Fairphone 2 and restore the data – Support) say in step 2: “Open the Menu via the hamburger icon”. But there is no hamburger icon,

The design of the Google Play Store app has changed in the meantime. Try the round symbol with the first letter of your name.


I also just updated my Fairphone to this release.
Feedback. The following app

seems to be fixed, i.e. it works now again (on the previous Fairphone OS, it often crashed).

Also tested:

There is a bug since Android 9: When ending recording a GPS trace, the save dialogue hangs (normally you get a windows where you can add an optional description) so I have to close all apps. Then this app must opened twice (the first time, a black screen appears only → closing all apps again. The second time, you see the recorded trace on the list). GPS tagging all images on the Olympus camera works correctly).

Note: Uninstall and reinstall does not fix this issue.

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If this can’t be already found on the bug tracker you may consider to add it there!


Thank you! My selfie camera’s preview is the right way around now! (SEE EDIT)

Panorama feature seems to be available with Open Camera now, except I can’t get it to work.

Not sure if the back camera still gives overexposed images with the default app.

Edit: Oddly enough appears that my selfie camera’s preview has gone back to being upside-down, when the camera is on the left side of the screen. I have OS version 21.08.1-rel.0

Same here, although its in general working unreliable also with LOS…

Did you enable the gyroscope as advised?

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Yep. The camera tries to take a panorama, but stops and doesn’t work properly.


If not done you will not have the Pano mode in the Cam App

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If “You” means me, then this is not quite true.
a) Following the link leads me to a required login, which I don’t know, why I should login on the support page to read a text about a manual update.
b) My updater V 150.2 reports, that V Fp Open 21.08.1-rel.0 is available over 21.05.0-rel.1
Then I press to “update installieren” , and it states that the download begins.
But the progress bar stays empty and never anything is downloaded.

As the link for the File is hidden behind the login screen, I cannot update at the Moment.

FP open for a manual installation (via fastboot) can be found here (without a login):


The Page helped to analyse the Problem and the Install worked now.
Thank you.


After latest update my FP2 drains empty after half a day with no activities

When have you done the update, sometimes the system needs a few days to resettle. If it remains you could run in safe mode to see if its OS or app related

In case its the same in safe mode I would manually install the update again

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