FP2/Fairphone Open OS: How to get VoLTE with O2?


This question has been asked before, but for other Telcos. How can I activate VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) with my Fairphone 2, that runs under Fairphone Open OS 19.12, i.e. Android Nougat?

The SIM card I use is less than two years old, and I have a regular postpay contract with O2 (actually the contract dates back to good old E-Plus, which became O2, now part of Telefonica (in Germany).

Not at all. The summary of the previous discussions was that the chipset supports it but it is not implemented in the firmware and therefore not available. I would have liked to see it (just like I would have liked to have VoWifi because of limited reception in buildings) but it’s just not there. With newer phones (I assume FP3 has it, too) I can confirm that VoLTE and VoWifi work in the German Telefonica network.


Hi Martin, I can confirm your assumption that it is present and works on the FP3 (I’m with Congstar, i.e. the German Telekom network).


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