FP2: Fairphone Open 18.10.0 (Android 7.1.2)

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Which error message do you get?


When I start the phone in fastboot mode an plug it into the PC nothing happens and I don´t know how I can find phone.


When the phone is in Fastboot mode, execute fastboot devices on your PC … what does it say?


Well, I hope it’s not a stupid question but did you make flash-for-unix.sh executable?
chmod a+x flash-for-unix.sh


It says:
725b300 fastboot


That means fastboot works and your phone is recognised.


Sorry but I still dont know where I have to put the location of into the command


Following the guide, you extracted the ZIP file of the OS somewhere … and that’s where the script is, and that’s where you need to go to execute it.

The README.txt that comes with it is more clear than the online guide:

'2. In a terminal emulator, navigate to the extracted archive directory.
3. Execute the flashing script by typing “sh flash-for-unix.sh”.’


Oooooooooh, now! I extractet the files on my phone :scream::joy:


An original idea, but you’re not the first one to do that.
Tip: Blame the guide for not specifying where to extract :wink: .


Bug Report

(1) When I press “reboot”, the FP reboots, when I press “shutdown” it reboots also.
(2) WLAN sometimes can not be find. After reboot there is no problem.




Toggling airplane mode (or alternatively wifi tethering) on and off again should be a quicker alternative to rebooting.


I’ve just upgraded my encrypted FP2 running Fairphone Open from 18.04.1 to the “preparation update for Android 7” 18.04.3, using the OTA Updater, without any obvious problems. (Posting a success report in case anyone else was apprehensive of a rough ride on an encrypted phone, given issue #66.)

The 18.04.3 update is described by Updater as “This intermediary release prepares the Updater app for the upgrade of the operating system to Android 7.” So I wasn’t expecting any visible new features, and didn’t get any, but am now being offered 18.10.0 via Updater once again. 18.04.3 has a new kernel build (dated Nov 22), dunno if there are functional differences. Android security patch level remains at 1 February 2018, unsurprisingly.

I haven’t yet done the actual update to Android 7 (18.10.0); I’m waiting for a point where I can afford to be without my phone for a day or two if it all goes wrong. I appreciate that https://code.fairphone.com/android-7/ now has some guidance for those with encrypted phones.


I have been very happy with the new FP Open. The only thing that has stopped working are apps for Netflix and DAZN (sport streaming service). The Netflix problem could be solved by manually downloading an older version of the app. On DAZN, since the update, any video will refuse to start (Error code: 11-03-012.) I have been in contact with DAZN, but they were unable to find the cause. Does anybody have the same issue or maybe some other video app that stopped working?


It might be related to the following issue (OpenGL ES 3.0 is not enabled):
But sure, that’s only a wild guess (which might serve as a start for searching…).


My bet is actually on the fact that Widevine DRM is missing from the new version of FP Open (probably due to licensing restrictions). These streaming services usually have some form of DRM on their streams…
There’s some discussion about missing widevine here.


Because of the lots of bugs and misfunctions in your A7 nougat I want to go back to A6.
But i can find no way to do so.
Where can i cancel A7 and install A6 again?

Is A7 working on your new soled FP2? Shurely? So you no the differences between FP2-May 2017 and todays FP2? Your guaranty for my FP2 ends in May 2019. So maybe best way to have a working FP2 is to change it without cost.


See “I regret upgrading, how do I downgrade?” here …


Thank you for this link.

Maybe it will help? We will see.