FP2 extremely sluggish / rejects phone calls randomly (or doesn't connect when dialing out)


I have two - potentially connected problems on my FP2.
1 It recently got extremely sluggish
It sometimes takes ages until it accepts a keypress or menu selection. Up to the point that keypresses show up many seconds later, like unfrozen trumpet tones…
Every imaginable app hangs from time to time, to the point where Android asks, if I want to stop it. (Including e.g. “Google” “Google had been stopped repeatedly” [My translation from German]

2 It (seemingly) randomly rejects incoming phone calls and aborts call-backs
I now several times failed in accepting an incoming call. (Seems the more important the call is, the better the “chance”)
And when I try to call some numbers, the dialling just stops. For the affected numbers, this had been reproducible. Other numbers - dailed at the same location, same SIM, work though.

Both effects are really strange and annoying,

What I tried so far:

  1. Screwed all modules apart, cleaned the contacts and assembled it again.
  2. Cleaned the cache of a lot of apps, especially the ones affected
  3. Throw the phone in rage (after it dropped three times (!) a really important incoming call) toward my couch - missed it and hit the corner of the table instead. It disassembled in back cover, battery and the rest. Assembled it again.
  4. Some time ago I dropped it accidentally - it hit the exact same corner, it hit years ago. Now a little bit more of the back cover on that edge is broken away…
  5. Ordered a new FP4

The sluggishness already started before 3. and 4., seemingly with no apparent cause/trigger.
Seems 5. made it worse - envy ? (And I need the FP2, until the FP4 shows up… - and then I would stil like to keep it as backup phone)

Do you have ideas for me what to try in addition ?
I actually like my FP2 - a good companion for many years now - but currently it is driving me crazy,


Which OS are you using? Is it up-to-date?
How much of your storage is in use / is it possibly full?
Do you use an SD card? If yes, is it configured as internal or portable storage?
Do you have a working backup?
If you have you can do a #dic:factorydatareset
(although I’m not sure you’re willing to setup all from scratch now that you’ll have to do that soon again once your FP4 arrives).
You might also consider to contact #fairphoneangels for asking for local help.


When all cords break and no resuscitation attempts help anymore.
It can also just be that the hardware dies after 5-6 years. Unfortunately, electronic components do not last forever.
Even if it is difficult. Sometimes you have to say goodbye with bleary eyes

Have a look at Settings > Storage to find out. If you find it hard to interpret, you can tell us the numbers or make a screenshot (hold POWER + VOLUME DOWN to make a screenshot) and upload it here.


Normal FP2 OS from Fairphone. Should be up to date.
Android 9; Security patches 5.Jan.2022 Build 21.12-rel.1

Internal memory: 26,82 G used of 32 G.
Is this already the critical range ? As a backup device, I could just keep the most essential stuff, after my FP4 arrived.
I use a SD card; 32 GByte, 9.7 G used. I can “eject” it, so I assume it is configure as portable.

Yes, I know that it might be the HW aging. My FP 4 is now announced for 2.3. - so I hope this solves the immediate problem. (Would be nice though, to keep the FP2 as backup…)

If I do a factory reset then, do I risk effects (via Google (playstore) account) on the new FP4 ?
Otherwise this might be a valid option, after the FP4 is here.


– random ranting:
Yes, this is also partly an emotional thing. I appreciate those “gadgets”, which accompany me for many years and have a certain attachment to them. (Like my wristwatch, the mp3/ogg player, DSLR, …)

  • In addition the FP2 is one of the pre-ordered (“one of the first xxxx”)
  • The first commercially available modularized phone
  • The first to get 10 out of 10 iFixIt points
  • Nicely fitted my engagement with Fair Trade (for the more usual products like coffee and so on)
  • Termed - by German Chip magazine - as “the most ugly mobile, we’ve ever tested - although you can’t dispute about taste” - another very funny “first place” !
    I sometimes like to “do my thing - no matter what”

Sorry for the late answer, had been busy with e.g.

And writing a correct, but (very) upset letter to president Putin via Munich consulate.
(I had been standing there many times before on 31. (*) of the month as member of German section of amnesty international - but there we had just been some five to ten protesters…)
*: article 31 of the Russian constitution - on paper - guarantees freedom of expression. So there had been lots of “opportunities” to remind president Putin on the obligations by international law, Russia had signed.


Well, difficult to say. Possibly having more free space might help.

I think you can also “eject” the SD if used as internal memory. You might upload a screenshot of the settings page showing memory. This would help to decide.

Don’t see what the factory reset should do on your playstore account.

Yes, probably it’s best to first move/copy all relevant data onto FP4 when it’s there and tinker with FP2 thereafter.


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