FP2 don't connect automatically to mobile data

Hi there since about 3-4 weeks now I got issus when i get out in the garden where no wifi is. The Fp2 dont connect to mobile data. (workaround) I have to reboot the phone or go on flightmode once to get it working.
If i go to Town it usually is working again (without workaround) when the phone connects to a new cell tower.
any suggestions what I could try?


  1. The FP2 only connects to mobile data when the Wi-Fi symbol disappears. If there is an empty Wi-Fi symbol, the FP2 is still connected to Wi-Fi, even when the Wi-Fi doesn’t work anymore.
  2. If you have no Wi-Fi symbol, but an empty mobile symbol, then your mobile network reception is bad.

So the questions are:

  1. Did you test it with another phones/tablets/USB sticks in your garden?
  2. Do you have a Wi-Fi symbol in the garden (before/after flight mode)? How full is it?
  3. How full is your mobile network symbol in your garden (before/after flight mode)?
  4. Do you have a letter (G/E/3G/H/H+/4G) next to the mobile network symbol (before/after flight mode)? Which letter is it?
  1. all works with my fp1u and till a month befor too with my fp2 that means it worked well for 3 month
  2. there is no wifi connection
  3. mobile connection is full
  4. no mobile data sign. only switching off/ on mobile data dont work

I experience it random now. some days work well and some days it dont work several times not.
Turning wifi off when there is no mobile data connection does not change anything.
I will observe it and might find out a pattern :wink:

I am having the same problem (I am new to ‘smartphone’ use). Do I need to switch off the wi-fi on my FP2 if I wish to connect to mobile data?

No, you can leave Wi-Fi on. Mobile data will automatically be used when no known Wi-Fi is reachable.

Thank you tofra. I have now resolved the issue by following a set-up tutorial on my phone provider website!

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