FP2 doesn't respond when connected to laptop

Hey, since few days, my FP2 refuse to be unlocked when connected by USB port to my laptop. In fact, it’s the touchscreen that doesn’t work at all when connected. Strange thing is that when connected to another PC, there’s no problem.
I’ve tried to erase the FP2 from the list of devices on my PC, but it doesn’t work either…
Any knowledge on how to fix that?

This happens when using certain combinations of charger / cable with the FP2, see the topic linked below. I’m not sure why it was working until recently, but maybe something changed (different cable (or worn) / port - not all USB ports behave the same way in my experience)?


I’m quite sure it is not the problem, first because with the same cable but another PC it works perfectly, and second because I think it happened after I asked a photo application on the PC not to download every pictures of my FP2 as soon as it is plugged and unlocked. But this I’m not 100% sure, and I can’t remember wich application it was.
And this is the same with every USB 2 or 3 port of my laptop.

If the touchscreen doesn’t work while plugged in it’s very unlikely caused by an application on the computer. It’s the phone’s defense mechanism against static (which could otherwize cause ghost touches).
Since it works on another computer I’m quite sure your (first) computer’s USB port is (semi) broken. I’m having the same issue right now with my MacBook which is failing on many fronts atm. One USB port kill’s the FP2’s touch-funktionality immediately. With the second port I usually manage to switch to “file transfer” at the second or 3rd attempt (after unplugging and turning screen off and on again).


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