FP2 doesn't get mobile network

Sorry its same for me in my work building. They offer little help

Well, that’s most likely due to bad reception caused by the building (reinforced concrete?). Are your colleagues/customers/… experiencing the same problems with their phones? The problems of Bernhard seem to be independend of such “natural” causes.

If you want to do something yourself, you could check whether the network antenna is connected properly in the phone … if it somehow is not, your reception will probably suffer.

Just in case: A teardown of the FP2 can be found here:

Klick for a list of guides for the FP2 on ifixit.

Everyone else is fine

Well, that’s strange.
Have you tried the troubleshooting on the support page?

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Je pense que ton téléphone a un problème. Si tu n’arrives pas à l’utiliser correctement, téléphone à FairPhone, ils vont te le remplacer gratuitement, car il est sous garantie pendant 2 ans.
Bonne chance

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Exact same at my end.
I am living in Berlin and I have two sim cards from two different providers.
Both stopt working out of the blue a two weeks ago - without any specific action from my side. (No new app installed;…)

Status: latest Software was/is (even with today update) installed a few days ago (after installing no negative impact was visible).
What I did so far:

  • Checked settings at network section and related sections
  • run x-times network searches and tryed to select manually
  • switched Sim card slots; tested with only one SIM card
  • Tryed SIM Cards with other phone (works fine!!)
  • Turned off / on phone
  • Run phone at Save mode
  • Reset phone to manufactur settings
  • runined (second) case (the older ones) due to the fact that I had to pull the case on / off for changing / testing sim cards

Nothing helped.

I contactect the support twice - no reactions for 2 weeks. Which is a super poor experience!

Hey BertG
thanks for the link how to teardown the FP2. I bought the tools, striped it off and put everything together again, with no result. I called the support twice and someone recommended me, not to use any adapter for my SIM card. But I only use a normal (tripple) SIM card with the middle frame and not any adapter. :frowning:
Some minutes ago I finally found someone in support who accepts that I want to send back my current phone and get a new one. Let’s see how it works… I will keep you updated.
Thanks for all your help here! :slight_smile:

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Hey kblack,
you need to phone them! It lasts ages till they react on mails because they are overwhelmed by “questions”…! And via mail you only get some general advice which is useless. Finally it helped to get in rage at the phone! Sad but it worked.



I’m currently experiencing exactly the same problem.
I live in Paris. I switched of network provider about one month ago.
In a first time I couldn’t get 4G network and the 3G was very slow.

I fixed it by resetting my network connections, and everything went well for a few days.

But since a couple of days (about 10 days, actually), I’m experiencing random connection issues. Sometimes I can connect to the network, even in 4G, but most of the time I have no connection at all (it seems to depend on my position).

It’s being very annoying, all the more since I have no idea where the problem comes from…

But glad to know I’m not the only one!

I didn’t try yet with other SIM Card, neither my Sim in another phone, but I’ll do it ASAP.

Have you tried the troubleshooting procedure already?

Connectivity …

Yes, but I’m waiting to test my Sim in another phone to go through the end of the procedure.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Just saw, that the troubleshooting does not include the possibility, that the antenna might have become loose and it seems you have not checked for this possible cause of trouble so far. (See further up in the thread the posting by @AnotherElk.)

Three days ago I got my new FP2 and it is working perfectly. It really was either the antenna or the broken SIM-card slots. The only thing is, it restarts by itself several times a day, but I can get over it. Thanks for all your help. :smile:

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Hi BernhardH
My phone did this too, restarting for no reason. But with the time it stopped. No Idea why. So I hope for you it will stop too. :wink:

Grüessli Emily

Hi All,

I get exactly the same problem. I checked the antenna connection as suggested, changed my SIM card (from a different operator), change the SIM card slot… Unfortunately problem is still there. Passing a call from inside a building becomes nearly impossible. The only way is to force GSM network to ‘2G’.

Before trying to call the support as BernhardH suggested, does anyone have other clues/ideas ?
I noticed that my battery becomes very weak (I will probably order a new one soon). Do you think a weak battery could have a negative impact on the phone RF sensitivity, that could explain the LTE/3G/4G problems ?

Well, this sucks. Same problem here; suddenly only WiFi, no 2G/3G/4G connectivity anymore, either with one or two SIMs. Since I’m on holiday in Italy for another 4 weeks, I also bought a local prepaid SIM, still no dice. I also find no store which sells the proper tools to disassemble the phone. Since running around without a phone for another month here is no option, it’s a new phone then for me. Back to Samsung or Sony, I guess.

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