FP2 does not work at all - screen scrolls randomly

Hi there,

since over half a year I am an owner of the refurbished FP2 and since day one I cannot use it all, as the screen scrolls randomly and the phone opens apps itself.
I have the newest updates (difficult to install, with a phone that does scroll itself), although it did not change anything. I have also tried different chargers, which is not the problem. I also opened it, took the display off and on again and still, it doesn’t work.

I have send several request to the support team, which are obviously understaffed or stressed of too many requests, as they haven’t answered me or just closed my topics.

That is not helpfull at all.

I want to support the fairphone movement, but with this situation, I am close to send the phone back and insist on a refund.
460€ are too much for not getting any help at all!

Please don’t tell me to help myself by updating the phone or changing the charger or whatever. I have done all that!

I need serious support in probably sending the phone in to change it completely for another.



Just in case: my Request #224920

I assume the issue does not just happen while charging?

Did you clean the connectors?

According to the official troubleshooting tool there is one more thing you can try: Adjust the touch & hold delay in Settings > Accessibility to short.

If it doesn’t help, close all but one of your support requests, make sure all relevant info is in that one request, add your order and IMEI number into the topic title, write down your request number and call support.

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Hi Freddy,
your description looks similar to the issue I have had. The support asked me for a video to see what was happening at my screen. I have done that.

And have send the link. After they have seen it, they decided to change my screen as a warranty case. I have send it in and now I am waiting for the replacement. But it all takes an incredible amount of time. My request is from the 20th of December '17. I did three phone calls trying to speed up the process. And I am waiting still.

Thanks for your reply!

I will try your idea and if it doesn’t work, I got an answer today from the
support team, as well. They offered to send in the display module.
Let’s see.

Thanks! Finally, this topic helped me get an answer from the support team.

Best regards,

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Hi Heiner,

I also sent them the video, but I never got an answer to that.
But as I said, finally, they replied my helping request!

thanks for your support!


After I have send the video, I didn’t hear anything for some days, so I called them again and than they had a look at the video.

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