FP2 does not turn on, red LED for 60 seconds

Hi there!

My FP2 does ot turn on. It was just laying around and turned off over night.
When i plug in a charger, the red LED turns on for 60 seconds. It does not even matter if there is a battery installed or not. Red LED on for 60 second, red LED off, nothing else.

Is there anything I can do to save the phone?


What helped me each time I ran out of battery was to disconnect the charger, take out the battery, press the power button for a second or so, put the battery back in, connect the charger and charge without switching the FP2 on for a while.


That’s actually quite bad news, the phone should show the logo, vibrate and show the LED.

First, did you try another cable/charger/plug to charge the phone? It might be, the phone died overnight and doesn’t charge anymore for one of these reasons.

Otherwise I fear there might be a hardware problem.

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