FP2 display wake-up problems

FP2 with /e/OS 1.14-r

Error description

  • after longer inactivity (black stand-by display) it is repeatedly not possible to wake-up the display via on/off button (top right side) to re-activate launcher/home screen - i.e. display stays black
  • display stays black also up on incoming calls
  • in normal operation (launcher/home screen) display sometimes flickers or has longitudinal stripes or other artefacts. Occurs mostly when pressing the touchscreen a bit longer (e.g. when swiping, trying to highlight/select)

Apart from not re-activating the display properly, the phone seems not to be dead (incoming calls)
Between above errors there are spells when all works normal again.

Rebooting the phone has no effect on above issues.

Wake-up from black screen as described above is possible via

  1. pressing on/off button for several several seconds
  2. then black /e/OS system screen appears with possibility to shut down/reboot/screenshot/flight mode
  3. using virtual ‘back button’ (arrow left) gets me to the launcher/home screen

Possible reasons

  • hardware related - Any ideas from the community here?
  • problem related to the last /e/OS update 1.13. → 1.14 (will be posted separately in Murena forum)

Any views appreciated.

I don’t experience the issue running /e/OS 1.14-r-20230817321316-dev-FP2.

Thank you for your response.
I’m running the same build.

The problem is that the error doesn’t turn up regularly.
i.e. presently all works perfectly normal again (after switching off the lock-screen?)
Hardware based hypothesis: some loose contact that causes this when plugging in the micro-usb for charging.

Sounds for me as a HW problem between display and core module. Maybe contact problem, maybe problem in core modul, maybe a problem with display itself.
If there’s a FP angel nearby you might ask if exchanging modules might be possible.

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Thank you for your view.
I already opened the back cover, poking around and checking for obvious loose contacts or modules. Didn’t reveal anything unusual.
The described problems have been anoyingly persistant for 3 days and are gone since.
So, I’ll leave it for now and watch.
Thanks for the advice with the FP angel anyway, wouldn’t have thought of that.

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