FP2 display module sold out?

That´s good to hear :wink:

Are you refering to Fairphone or to Vireo.de? 20 days is what Vireo.de says on their homepage. As to Fairphone: I sent my Display to Fairphone on the 19th of december. So in my case it is correct to talk about weeks…

It’s a fair point that Vireo etc may be making screens etc MORE available and also pumping some necessary funding into Fairphone … just annoying that FP have sold out all their spares rather than maintaining a minimum stock level.

Not a warranty issue in my case as I dropped it, hard, onto a Brisbane pavement; it bounced a couple of times and re-booted but still works fine; I’m disappointed that it didn’t survive intact as my moto defy was fine with this kind of treatment on a regular basis (I once dropped it in an open drain in Jakarta) - that one was advertised as RUGGED however and I tend to forget that my FP2 is NOT. The screen continues to divide into fragments, so screen protector time - if I can find one in Maryborough Queensland.

Now it seems like there is quite a queue for new screens - so lets hope FP have ordered LOTS; otherwise we will be in a race to order some. Shouldn’t they be allowing back orders to a) form an orderly queue and b) to judge the number they need to get in stock. Also so I don’t have to check back every day to see if anything’s changed.


Hi Phip, hi douwe,
I am happy that the discussion regarding the sold out displays picked up pace during the last days. I was really frustrated that I bought a cellphone and was not able to use it for at least 4 months.

But now, the situation changed due to your HELPFUL suggestion regarding Vireo.de. I just ordered a FP2 display. I don’t mind if the display is sold by third party. The price 91€ inc. shipping is absolutely ok.

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