FP2 display module sold out?


I was wondering, if there was any update to this topic. I just dropped my fairphone on the gravel that’s lying around everywhere these days and cracked it up. Then I thought: Hey, its a Fairphone! So I can actually exchange the display without having to buy a completely new phone (yey!). I rushed home to find out - Displays are out of stock. I’d like to ask FairMicha, if you eventually got your new display or are still waiting or whether you’ve got any update on the time scale wherein the displays should be available again.

My phone is in principal still usable although I risk getting small glass pieces into my ear with every call :slight_smile: so my main question is whether I should look for a substitute phone or can expect a restock of displays in a reasonable time.

Hope, someone’s got some news,

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I am happy to support the FP project.

But, my display is broken too. I tried months ago to order a new display and, actually, I was looking forward to apply the easy and modular replacement system. The support of FP was friendly, however I am getting more and more frustrated (similar to user “Sellii”) that

  1. they haven’t buffered enough displays before changing the delivery system
  2. those affected (so you and me) are not well updated.
  3. I cannot convince my friends to buy a FP2 when they see how I struggle with the product. Seriously, they are actually glad to have an iPhone in contrast to FP2. For me, it’s a really bad situation to recommend the FP2.

Quick note:
One month ago, Fairphone made a little market research. Instead of the “sold out button” you could type in your mail address and indicate your interest to order a display. But I am not sure if and how this information was used (see my aspect #2)


Why don’t you just buy a screen protector to protect your ears (and fingers) while waiting for the new screen.

You can find some suggestions in this thread:

Hey there,

I ruined my FP2 Display this weekend and also thought “Well, no prob, I just come home and order a new one” but they are still sold out. Any new information about when the Display Modules will be in stock again? thanks for your help!


Thanks for the advice! I’ve already been looking into screen protectors and will definitely get one for the new display. My ears and fingers are thankfully still pretty scratch-free :wink:
I’m still hoping, that new displays will become available reasonably soon. I’ve already asked to knit me a phone-bag to prevent future destruction :grin:

The reply I got from support last week was that they would be in stock “soon”… Someone else recently got a slightly less vague answer saying they might arrive this month…or January.

Seeing as there are quite a lot of us waiting for the display module, I just hope there will be enough of them in this next shipment…

similar to CeIIll (Marcel), who has been waiting for a replacement since 4months I am thinking of an avoidance of contract as well!
It seems that nothing happens at Fairphone since the customer service gives everyone of us always the same pre-formulated response message.

End of January I will give Fairphone a deadline for an adjustment date. If they do not fulfill the contract and give a) a display or b) replace my phone then I want to step back of my contract!

By that time, I think my purchase of the FP2 is getting more and more a simple donation for better working conditions than for a real product. :unamused:


Oh dear. Dropped my phone (from much less than the advertised 2m high “it’ll be fine” height) and the screen cracked. Need a new one. €85 for a new one seems very steep (especially as I know I’m ordering a product that doesnt really work that well = that unresolved uncontrollable scrolling issue) , but we’re all into the fairphone philosophy of paying a real non slave labour price right?

Sadly none in stock and (worse) no news about when they WILL be in stock and not even an option to be informed as soon as the ARE in stock!! What is the point of a self repairable phone you can’t get the parts for?

… and how sustainable is a phone that in the last 12 months of ownership has needed a new cover and a new bottom module … and now a new screen.

“more and more a simple donation for better working conditions than for a real product” really couldn’t put it better this evening.

I was about to post about how very happy I was to be in Australia with my fully functional FP2 running two SIMs being my communication lifeline … now worried it won’t last as long as my work permit :¬( :¬(

Come on FP where are the replacement screens???


Maybe @Douwe can join this topic.
I am waiting for a replacement module since october and starting to get a bit nervous/angry.


Maybe this could help you:

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Oh great. So FP are short of display modules because someone is buying them up and selling them at a (smallish) profit? Great. Bastards. Maybe FP should check if you own an fp2 before selling you spares?


Hi @nicka,
I understand your frustation, but I think actually that it is a good thing that Fairphones and Fairphone spare parts are available in some stores around Europe. Some people would never order the phone from the Netherlands but are willing to buy it directly from a store. This is also a good way to buy the phone if you don’t want to wait (sometimes several months) for the delivery. And if you want a parallel distribution of the phone, the spare parts must also be available at these stores.
I don’t think that these stores have a huge stock of modules and I’m not sure that they sell them with a huge profit. In many countries, Fairphone has a deal with special stores concerned about durability and fairness. Moreover, I guess that it is more efficient for Fairphone not to buy thousands of modules and keep them in the Netherlands waiting for users to buy them; it must be cheaper if they sell some to the stores that sell the Fairphone. At the end, there are more modules available than those Fairphone could afford.

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Hey, we’re working hard to get new displays in and I really hope I can share some exact dates soon. Until that day comes, please check local re-sellers like Vireo.de and faircustomer.ch

If there is a chance that the display can be replaced under warranty, please contact our customers support.

Thanks for the update. Do i get you right that we could buy a new display at e.g. Vireo.de and get the money back by Fairphone?

As an alternative (because Vireo.de would need 20 working days for sendig a new display as well) is there any chance i could get my old display for the meantime? I mean it didn´t work on the right side but still i could use my phone better than without any display.

If your display is broken in warranty, you’ll receive a new display from Fairphone. This is the fastest route and the smallest chance for something to go wrong.

If you are already in this procedure, please do not buy a display from a 3rd party vendor as this will complicate things for us and probably slow down the process a lot.

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That is not true: I got my display within some days, not weeks. :slight_smile:

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That´s good to hear :wink:

Are you refering to Fairphone or to Vireo.de? 20 days is what Vireo.de says on their homepage. As to Fairphone: I sent my Display to Fairphone on the 19th of december. So in my case it is correct to talk about weeks…

It’s a fair point that Vireo etc may be making screens etc MORE available and also pumping some necessary funding into Fairphone … just annoying that FP have sold out all their spares rather than maintaining a minimum stock level.

Not a warranty issue in my case as I dropped it, hard, onto a Brisbane pavement; it bounced a couple of times and re-booted but still works fine; I’m disappointed that it didn’t survive intact as my moto defy was fine with this kind of treatment on a regular basis (I once dropped it in an open drain in Jakarta) - that one was advertised as RUGGED however and I tend to forget that my FP2 is NOT. The screen continues to divide into fragments, so screen protector time - if I can find one in Maryborough Queensland.

Now it seems like there is quite a queue for new screens - so lets hope FP have ordered LOTS; otherwise we will be in a race to order some. Shouldn’t they be allowing back orders to a) form an orderly queue and b) to judge the number they need to get in stock. Also so I don’t have to check back every day to see if anything’s changed.


Hi Phip, hi douwe,
I am happy that the discussion regarding the sold out displays picked up pace during the last days. I was really frustrated that I bought a cellphone and was not able to use it for at least 4 months.

But now, the situation changed due to your HELPFUL suggestion regarding Vireo.de. I just ordered a FP2 display. I don’t mind if the display is sold by third party. The price 91€ inc. shipping is absolutely ok.

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