FP2 display intermittent

I dropped my FP2 and it’s not been the same since. The display unit usually starts fading / leaking vertically / blanking out altogether. I can sometimes get it to work for a few minutes by bending/flexing the whole phone in one direction or the other. Is there any simple maintenance/cleaning I could try myself without making it worse?

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I did not experienced this behavior by myself.
You can try disassemble the phone and have a look for anything broken. Also you can compare it with the pictures on the official website or ifixit.com if you are nit sure how it should look.
If there is a Fairphone Angel close to your location, send a message if your want help.

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I have the same problem.
I’d describe it this way:
It looks like the contacts between the display and the core module are loose.
But when I disassemble the phone, all contacts look good.

It looks like there might be a problem in the core module, since I am now getting problems with my headphones too.

Disassembling and reassembling the phone fixes the problem for a short while but it always comes back.

I read on another thread that some people insert some card behind the core module to exert pressure on the contacts, And it sometimes works. I don’t feel confident taking the core module out though, I need to find the right video to watch

When the disassembling worked, you can try wiping the contacts with a little alcohol to improve the electrical contact between the pogo pins and the modules.
Also the cardboard trick worked for some people.

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