FP2 discontinued

Hello! Is FP2 being effectively discontinued? What I mean is, are we all meant to buy a new phone?
I just found out that bottom modules are no longer available, and the site that gives you the IMEI has been taken down (found it on internet archive). That’s disappointing. The reason I went for a fairphone was that I wanted something that could be repaired and updated, not replaced with a newer phone. Call me old fashioned, but it’s only been 6 years since I got it. Any one else have similar thoughts or experiences?

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This is the Support article about locating IMEIs and serial numbers:

Photos are missing though.



There’s a possibility of obtaining a second hand bottom module or repairing the one you have.

Check out the links in



FP has just released a major software upgrade. I wouldn’t call that “discontinued”…
Btw.: 6 years is not much time, but in the Android world it’s ages. There’s no other vendor supporting the own device by far so long.


Android device. ← Important distinction :wink: .

This is why I wrote


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I know, but better safe (and consistent) than sorry :wink: .

Thanks all! I managed to get a reply from Fairphone, and they sent me a refurbished bottom module. Installed it, and the phone now works properly. Well done FP!


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