FP2: dialer opens when I unlock screen

every time I unlock my screen the dialer app opens. It is not a terrible problem but it is annoying because I have to close it to get to the desktop. I checked all kinds of settings to see whether I inadvertantly made this happen, but I can’t find any setting that explains this. Can anybody help me or does anyone have a similar experience?

I bet for unlocking you swipe the screen from left to right?


yes, and I just found out by pure coincidence that if I unlock swiping from bottom to top, it opens on the desktop! So it is not a problem but a setting of the phone?

It’s a feature! You have three symbols on the bottom of the lockscreen:

  • :lock:, to unlock the phone
  • :telephone_receiver: to quickly open the phone app
  • :camera: to quickly open the camera app
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thank you very much for enlightening me!:slight_smile:

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