FP2 dead TouchScreen zone

Left zone of my FP2 screen seems not respond to touches. :frowning2:
On azerty keyboard, unable to get ‘a’ or ‘q’. Pressing ‘e’ makes ‘zr’ and ‘d’ makes ‘fs’. Rotating phone to landscape makes keyboard ok unless space bar… :frowning2:
Hardware diagnostic shows a discontinuity in drawing.
Unmounting / Mounting screen module gives no better experience.
Sometimes, it works well few seconds and falls down again buggy.
Short videos available here:
http://dl.free.fr/rixHVf8oh (keyboard)
http://dl.free.fr/hRkYHNf07 (hardware diagnostic)

Had you experienced such problem?
Anyone with an idea before replacing screen module? :star_struck:

This issue has been discussed here:

Before contacting support please check the respective troubleshooting guide.

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The post was moved because it is not a general discussion about hardware.

Let’s continue the discussion in the other topic.