FP2 dead after only 1.5 month use

Dear Fairphone support,

I am really annoyed and disappointed. I just bought a Fairphone 2 end of may and this morning, it crashed and I am not able to restart it. It crashed after a phone call, the battery was nearly full on the morning and I did not used is much.
The screen stays dark. The red light does not turn on. I removed the battery and let it cool down, it did not work. I tried to plug it to several chargers and cables and/or computers, no light, still a black screen.
I tried pushing the reset & volume up button for a few minutes, nothing changed.
I tried removing and changing the SIM card from SIM holder space, still a black screen.
I am sad of such an early and fatal failure for a so-called long lasting phone.
Can you tell me how to quickly fix the issue ?

Kind regards

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This is a community forum, neither the company nor its support division.

#contactsupport has all the info.


I already contacted the support. Did not receive any answer from now, I just copy-paste the description of the issue, I apologize for letting this unappropriate introduction.


Ah, that’s ok then :wink: .
Calling them usually speeds things up, as long as nobody here in the forum has an idea.

Perhaps there’s something in the #blackscreenguide .

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Many thanks! I already tried to follow the guideline and it did not work for me. I hope they will come back to me soon :slight_smile:

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may be try this

Such early failures are typical for any digital high-end circuitry. The defect-rate is high after manufacturing, goes down after some month of use and increases again, when the devices reach the end of their live-span.

The long-durability of Fairphone doesn’t mean to work against this behaviour but to keep parts replaceable. You may have to buy a new mainboard but you can use your old display and camera and don’t have to throw away the complete Smartphone.

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It’s rather a warranty case after 1.5 months. :wink:
It’s just, that support should react, but maybe they have done so in the meantime (hopefully).

Good luck, I had a similar experience and found support staff casual in extreme, once I eventually got through to them. They seem to be overwhelmed and have no concept that if one pays a lot of money for a new phone it is reasonable to expect it to work. It’s a sad decline from much better service levels and response in the past.

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