FP2 crashes when using Spotify (w/headphones)

I have only experienced this problem once or twice, but maybe you have an idea how to avoid my FP2 from crashing again (it went completely black, I could not switch it on again, i.e. all that helped was removing the battery).
The problem occurred while I was listening to music on Spotify with (non-bluetooth, very simple in-ear) headphones. When the first song was over, the screen turned black and the phone played dead. I have waited several minutes and tried again to switch it on before I removed the battery, but it didn’t react at all.
There were some apps running in the background, most likely the Guardian app and Firefox.
Do you have any idea what might have caused the problem? I know this is only a minor issue, but I find the whole battery removing procedure a bit annoying tbh, so any suggestions are welcome.


If it starts to happen more frequently and randomly it’s probably related to this topic and you should - in this order:

  • Take out your SIM and see if the problem persists.
  • Make a hard reset (erases all your data).
  • Contact FP Support. Maybe your phone needs to be replaced

Thank you so much! Will do – but of course I hope the problem solves itself and it won’t happen again too soon. :slight_smile:

Sadly I can confirm this. Listened to Spotify with Headphones (offline) and suddenly the music stopped and the phone was off. Couldn’t start it again (tried with and without charging and after charging for some hours). Removing the battery did help.

Did you already reenable privacy impact?

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I did not, but will asap. Thank you!