FP2 crash, battery related?

yesterday, while my phone (FP2) was charging my phone crashed /switched off and simply switching it on again did not work. ( when I started charging, the battery was said to be at 3%, and during the charging I was using it with wifi switched on). I assumed the battery was simply too empty and kept charging it.

However, I haven’t been able to switch my phone back on since. I have tried 3 chargers and charging through a laptop usb connection, but without effect. I have tried multiple button combinations without effect (for reset and hard reset etc.); the screen remains black.
When the charger is plugged in and the battery is removed, the little light at the top left corner glows red. When I pop back in the battery, in most cases the red light switches off again.
Also without the battery, but with the charger plugged in switching the phone on has not worked.

I have not found similar problems on the forum, only one post on the Facebook page, where the phone owner was requested to send in his phone.

Has anybody experienced similar problems and if so, how were the problems resolved?

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Describes the thread linked below your problem, or is this a completely different problem?

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