FP2 covers and the sexy-ness of the handset

Hi all,

I’ve managed to convince a friend to get an FP2 as her current Samsung is on its way out…

Good news but does anyone know if there are flip cover cases you can get for an FP2? She has commented that - although the translucent covers look good - the phone “isn’t sexy looking”.



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Have a look here:


Very useful :slight_smile: thanks


How far our grand society has come that sexiness is a benchmark for a cold technical device. :worried:


My wife likes the coral red case, it’s quite distinctive. :smiley:

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…so she’s among us…hurray! :open_hands: :smiley:


You either misunderstood my intention of grand society or willfully twisted it. I’d rather keep it sarcastically while not referring to this very society in the forum but the society in general.

Be it as it is, chapeau.


I dunno it must be a matter of taste, I do often look at my translucent cover and god knows how sexy it is, you can even read the interior mantra, “yours to open”… Maybe its just me but I find the sight very sexy:)


Thanks urs_lesse - much appreciated

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With one of such I would put a more custom mantra on my battery…:grin:


Hahaha They are great! Where do you get these or how do you make them?


since Apple sells products that looks as good as they are weak in overall functions :angry:

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I love that! Can you please provide that as a pdf in correct dimensions for everybody to print out. Or how about a generator, where you are able to create you very own text, logo, whatever.
That would be awesome.


I would guess, it’s just some graphics program?
Even MS Paint could do the trick

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Sorry, I needed some time for this quick tutorial.
I guess to get this done the tools I have used are more or less standard on any computer or surely it can be done with alternative programs. At last it´s rather a matter of individual choice.

Yes, but not sole.
This time I’ve used:

  • Irvanview (for cropping)
  • M$-Paint (composing, color picking/color change)
  • LibreOffice (Linux version)
  • Wine (to have M$-Paint running under Linux (windows/system32/mspaint.exe) (Gimp is fine, but I don’t know it too well yet)
  • Screenshot function (standard Linux function a bit more functional than M$ XP/7)

The main time consuming problem for me was finding the matching FP font.

I could not find it in Openoffice (XP), don’t have M$-Office. I run Libreoffice only on Linux. There I had to check >60+ fonts to find one called “URW Gothic L”.
Maybe FP uses one named differently from M$-Office, but mine also keeps all equal characters. Specifically these:


The thing is, to copy a character from this forum to paste it into the writer did not help me this time as the writer’s font substitution replaced it with the available fonts using more common characters. I had to do the entire job on Linux.

The battery image I saved from here.
I guess there is no further problem as it is used in relation to the product and this Forum.
I cleaned the original “mantra” with the color picker from M$Paint

Now you have a blank, gray battery image which you can select, copy
and paste into your preferred writer (offering the original FP font :slight_smile:

Place a text box arranged in front of the battery image (which is arranged in the background, to create your individual battery mantra :slight_smile:

I could provide you with my document template, but if the font is not available in your writer the result would be different. Unfortunately I am not allowed to upload writer files and don’t want to fake the suffix.
So only an image.

Let´s have some fun. :+1:


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