FP2 Core Module or FP2 phone


As it is looking increasingly unlikely that I can repair my FP2 core module sufficiently, I was wondering whether anyone has a core module that is fully working (not worried about the rest of the phone - screen / bottom module etc etc).

Failing that, any full FP2s that are for sale & fully working?

Happy to discuss costs.

I’m based in North East England (UK)

Kind regards


Maybe you anyway want to read through this thread.

Since the module is broken already there is not much more to loose.

Good luck.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your the pointer - that is really interesting, and must be a possible solution to so many core module failures. Sadly it doesn’t apply to my scenario, which started with water damage and is now missing a component (so the speaker doesn’t work) - a long post of my exploits is here: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp2-dead-red-light-on-constantly

Many thanks again,

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