FP2 Core module / antenna cable

Hi people,

my antenna cable was damaged while repairing another part of my FP2. The connector is seperated from the cable and as that part is so tiny I’m not able to repair it. Maybe someone has a defective core module by any chance? I would just need the cable as shown on the picture

It’s the cable which runs through the narrow part on the left side of the core module (seen from front).
I’m located in Hamburg, Germany.

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Generally this still can be fixed with a conventional soldering iron and someone capable of maneuvering his calm hand verrrry, gentle. Pls turn it in and don´t dispose it, it´s not useless and may not be easy to get hands on.

From the looks of it, the cable seems to not even being broken. I have the impression that it just “slipped” out of the clip.
Therefore the tip by @Patrick1 seems valid or it might even be enough to slip the wire back into the clip and fix it with some small pliers.
If you don’t feel up to the task, what I really can understand, then maybe there is a repair shop or a “repair cafe” in your town/area, where you will find helpful people.
You might take a look here: https://repaircafe.org/en/ (homepage in de/nl/fr/es available as well) (or just do some internet search for the term).

And there are the #fairphoneangels of course. You can locate them or generally a fairphone community in your area on the #communitymap.

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You can probably get the connector back on the cable. But check a few things first:
Is the braiding (shield) of the cable damaged ? Are there any cracks in the black insulation ?
In this case you might need a new cable or live with degraded radio performance.
Whoever will be working on this cable should avoid shortening it at any chance. This is an antenna and it’s length is tuned to the bands it’s meant to operate on.
I would probably at first try to crimp the connector back on the cable. If that works and you have a reasonable signal I would probably take the risk and try to solder the shield (braid) into the plug. This will improve both the RF connection and the mechanical stability of the joint.
I would suggest you follow @BertG s advice and look for a repair cafe.


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