FP2 completly OUT and problems FP1

Je vous ai écrit via la rubrique “contact” sur votre site internet depuis maintenant plusieurs semaines sans aucune réponse de votre part.
La situation est gravissime et il faut impérativement que vous régliez la situation!
Voici ce que je vous ai écrit (en anglais, pour vous faciliter le travail) :

" Hello,

Since the beginning of Fairphone project, I’ve always been excited about the responsible,
ethical and ecological phone.
Enjoying a great friendly and professional network of contacts, I made a lot of
advertising about the Fairphone.

  1. First, I bought the FP1 (product number: 10081691) for my wife as a present.
    Due to a broken screen on her FP1, my wife had to wait nearly 3 months (3
    months without phone it’s…LONG) before be able to order a new one on the
    fairphone website.
    Once she received her new screen, and despite the difficulty of finding a
    professional to replace the broken screen with the new screen, a new problem
    has appeared on the FP1: now, when she tries to call someone (or when someone
    calls her), the screen becomes black and she can’t hear her contact person
    (however the caller can hear her). The issue seems to be linked to the phone’s
    speaker (because when she uses headphones she doesn’t have any problems).

  2. Then, in July 16, 2015, I made the order of FP2 for myself.
    Like everyone, I was unpleasantly surprised to receive the phone seven months
    after my order…
    Once received, I have faced many problems: unable to receive MMS (APN
    possible configuration with mobile operator), brightness faulty display, faulty
    applications on this phone (example: whatsapp, facebook, postal bank. …) and
    encrypted screen.
    But last week, the phone does not work at all! No trace on the screen, but it
    is unusable

What are the policy of repairs for both Fairphone?

Should we send them both?

We expect from you a strong commercial gesture considering the situation
described above.

Thanks in advance for your return,


I have bought a FP2 as well and it stopped working in the beginning of August. Like you, Ludo 8678 I sent a message via the “Contact” page. This was at the 4. August 2016. And like you I still have not recieved any reply. I would be grateful to hear, what i should do, or what might be a solution for my FP2.

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I really need your help!
I have no phone since August 23 !!!
No one answers me or on the forum, or via the "contact"
It is unacceptable
Pleeeeeease, do something! :frowning:

PLEASE note that Irina DOES NOT WORK FOR FAIRPHONE. She is a volunteer forum moderator and not an employee of Fairphone Support.

If you need an urgent reply, CALL Fairphone Support (phone number and office hours at the very bottom).


Sorry for the mistake, I thought Irina worked for Fairphone.
Can you give me a phone number where I am about to have an answer? I do not speak English, it will create a problem?

If you clicked the link and scrolled to the bottom you’d see this:

Or call us: Monday to Friday 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.

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