FP2 complete device and sleeve for free

Hello all, I’m new here. I have signed up for just one reason. I have this Fairphone2 that I have installed Ubuntu Touch upon. As a single boot. My strong advise: don’t do that. For when I wanted to reinstall Android no expert was able to do so but the attempts did cause UT itself to not function anymore. So here I am, stuck with a device in perfect condition (battery is brand new) that is utterly useless. If any one needs parts or rather the complete device I’ll happily send it to you, for shipping costs only. Also I have a matching sleeve to give away.I would hate having to throw it in the electronical waste. If the topic is closed you can write to through a PM. Thanks in advance. Irene

HI and welcome to the forum.

I’m a little surprised no one can help and as it’s your first time on this forum, you won’t have had any ideas from the ‘experts’ here :slight_smile:

There are #fairphoneangel around about the towns and in the woods, you may find one near you that could help or take it off your hands

All the best


Hi Amoun,

Thanks for your kind answer. I’ll keep the angels in mind if I (hopefully
not) will encounter problems with my new FP. As for my FP2, I happily part
from it, as long as it doesn’t go to waste. I am at this moment talking to
somebody in Finland who will try to get it working and if not, sell parts.

Greetings Irene

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I agree with @amoun that I doubt your FP2 is bricked because

  • I can’t remember other reports of users having bricked their FP2 by using UT (or going back from UT)
  • The FP2 is in my experience very stable against being bricked

But still it’s hard to decide without more details.


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