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I have a friend that needs to buy a phone. I talked her about FP2 and she is considering that option. She asked me if it is fully compatible with mac, because she has a mac as a computer, and she would like to transfer videos, pictures…from the FP2 to the computer.

Could you please tell me if she could have problems because of that?
Can I assure her that FP2 will have no problems of compatibility and information transference with her mac?

Thank you in advance for your help!


I think basically she can transfer media files from her Mac to an Android phone like the FP2 like she would do the same from her Mac to a non-Mac computer (and into the opposite direction). Now if she used an iPhone so far, then the process will be quite different for her though.

When I got my FP1 back in 2014, I quickly found it easier to transfer my music files from my Mac to the FP1 (and back – which was always impossible from iPod to Mac!) compared to the three iPods I had used over the years (all three eventually ceased to work after just a few years).


Yes, she has used the same iPhone for the last 5 years, until now (it broke…)
So, if I have understood you well,
(1) the compatibility between Fairphone and mac is perfect
(2) but maybe the “how to do it” is different from an iPhone

Thank you very much Urs! I will let her know,


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Basically transferring files between an iPhone and a Mac only works in the shape of “synchronizing”. Whileas between a Fairphone (or another Android phone) and a Mac it’s more like standard file transfer using e.g. a USB stick or an external hard drive.


Thank you very much Urs!!

Yes, and I think that it’s much better to be able to drag and drop files one way or the other! iTunes has always been too annoying for me. But some people like to just plug their phone and the software does everything automatically.

Just one thing to add to @urs_lesse’s reply: if your friend was used to sync her iPhone with her mac via the cloud, the process will be quite the same!

I must say that I have a mac but don’t use iPhoto, iTunes, etc. I just have folders the old way and manage everything myself. If your friend wants to use iPhoto, there are some tutorials on the Internet, like this one:

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