FP2 charging issues

After my FP2 discharged completely it only charges when doing a factory reset while connected to a charging cable/charger.

I tried different cable, different charger, PC USB Port, different batteries, 5 different bottom modules, cleaned the batterie contact at the core module and battery and pulled out some debris of the USB Port, however without any change. Can I conclude a core module issue, or has someone any other ideas?

Oh, you have 5 bottom modules? Maybe more as fairphone Inc. …
Only one idea: How long you wait for success/life signal.
I would try 30 minutes or more.
But you wrote you tried different batteries. All discharged completely ?
When not you are right: main system problem (like core module)


Yeah but 4 with a broken mic and 1 in addition without speaker…

No and the one that was completely discharged was plugged in for hours

So yes maybe my beloved FP2 is slowly dying, will see…

Have you tried charging through the expansion port? If that doesn’t work, there’s something wrong with the core module, but if it does work, it’s probably a connector issue with the bottom module (so still on the core module, but hopefully easier to fix).

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What is an expansion port?

I’ll take that as a no!

On the back of the core module there’s five pogo pins in a square formation, they’re essentially an extra USB port but it’s on the core module so it’s not dependent on the botttom module or its connectors.

If you take the back off your phone you’ll see those pins right next to the camera button, looking like this:

①       ② ← 5V in, red
     ③ ← ground, black
④       ⑤

Pins two and three are the ones you can use for charging. If you clip the micro-USB plug off a USB cable and then take the red and black inner cables, strip them and then touch the red cable to pin 2 and the black one to pin 3, the phone should receive a charge.

It’s fiddly but it may be worth a shot, if only for troubleshooting purposes.


thanks a lot for explaining and I will def. keep in mind for later…however fiddly+electronic+me is not a good combination, I’m pretty sure whatever bad can happen it will happen😁

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If you do at some point find yourself desperate enough to try it:

In this cable, the 5V is pink and the ground is white because it was cheap and not made to specification.


I think the FP2 will ever stay a mistery for me…the last weeks I could charge when turned off, today I received the A10 upgrade and since I installed this, I can normally charge (currently charging while typing)

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