FP2 charge mode not working with Open OS?

When I want to charge my phone faster, I typically power it off and connect a charger. There was some animated picture of the FP2 internals and the screen would turn off after a moment.

After flashing the Open OS 16.05.0, this charge mode is gone. When I power of my FP2 and connect a charger, it starts but gets stuck on the initial start screen (black with the white Fairphone logo). While the phone is charged very slowly (~4% per hour), the screen never turns off and the phone becomes very hot on the backside.
It does not matter which of my chargers I use or ifcharging through a USB-connected computer.
And the phone is not in fastboot mode, at least it is not accessible through USB.

When I disconnect the charger / USB cable, the phone does not power off again. It only reboots after pressing “power” for 10 sec.
During the reboot it sometimes starts to optimize apps.

Anyone else seen this behavior?
How can I get the phone to charge properly again?

This bug has already been reported and a community workaround is available.

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