FP2 Change splash Image (splash.img)

Yeah, the very purpose of having it open source is independence for everyone to make their owns!

Please, send me your .img and I’ll try to look at it tomorrow, comparing it with my own built, ok? :slight_smile:

It is indeed :slight_smile: That is, amongst other things, what converted me to libre and open source softwares :slight_smile: I sent you the images, thanks ! Take your time, I have my bachelor these to finish !

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Hey @Roboe ! I was wondering: do you know if the splash image of “fastboot mode” is easily accessible or not? Just an idea, if possible we could make it more recognizable… It always confuses me as it is the same image as in the boot screen :wink:

The bootloader uses the same flash screen for both modes, AFAIK. So changing one always change the other, :confused:

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Hello !
I played today with the tool and it worked flawlessly, converting 1080x1920 png to img and flashing img with fastboot :slight_smile:. Thank you !

One thing though, it looks like the splash.img is not included in TWRP backup, so when I switch back to another OS, the splash screen displayed is still the last one flashed… @z3ntu do you confirm ?

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No, TWRP doesn’t back up these partitions (only system, boot and userdata)

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