FP2 case ordered


I ordered a “Fairphone 2 Slim Case - Turquoise” on Oct 21st and I didn’t receive any information about delivery status. I created a ticket on the support site and even submit a new message. No answer…

Anybody already had an issue?

Thanks for your help

I strongly recommend you contact Fairphone Support by phone to sort out the issue. Fairphone Support usually doesn’t visit the Forum.

Phone number and office hours at the bottom of this page: http://support.fairphone.com/

I am even not sure, if opening a support ticket for an order-delay is the best way to proceed. This mail will happen to be processed with the once concerning technical problems.
The latest mail has - most likely - opened a third case, as those requests don’t happen to end in a kind of special folder for the same individual.

Have you checked the order-status?

Has it been canceled?

If you find no solution, use the phone-number @urs_lesse linked you to.

Thanks you both for your answer.
My order status is complete.
I just want a tracking number or a little more info because 1.5 month it’s a long time for a little box
It’s hard fo me to contact them by phone…
I’lll see what I can do

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Latest info in this forum somewhere (few weeks ago) was. that indigo coloured cases are delayed.
Maybe that’s an explanation?

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Thanks @paulakreuzer i wasn’t aware that the cover had a problem

@BertG: I still want to know what is happening, if the post was about indigo case, i dont think that it’s related to mine :D. Or support service could have send an email to all case ordered.

My money was taken and i can’t track my order. I just want to know what is happening… This case falling appart is kinda dangerous as every thing will be expose

Thanks again

Hi all.
Happy new year

In case you were wondering, i received my new case!

Thank again for your help


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