FP2 Camera images with horizontal lines and miscoloring


My Fairphone 2 camera is taking photos with strong purple and greens (but not quite fully negative images), with horizontal lines running throughout. See attached images of a book cover. Here’s the picture I took using my Fairphone 2, followed by what the book should look like:

Has anyone else had this problem? I searched in the forums here, but didn’t see others with this issue. I’ve tried rebooting, and tried using another camera app from F-Droid, but still get the same problem. I’m using Lineage OS 18.1.

Any suggestions of what else I could troubleshoot would be appreciated. Thanks.

Did this happen out of the blue or is there a story before?
If you can rule out a contact problem of the camera module, I would suspect it’s defect.
Is it the old or the new one?

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It’s the new 12-MP model (FP-CAM02 label on the back of the module). The problem started yesterday, without any issues prior to that, so no story before.

I would try to remove the module, check and probably clean the contacts and reassemble everything.


Thanks. I took it apart, checked the contacts and they looked clean, but I blew some air across them anyhow, then re-inserted the camera module, with care to be sure and set the module’s contacts evenly. Put the phone back together, and the camera now appears to work normally.

I guess somehow the camera module got slightly dislodged. Thanks for your advice.


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