FP2 Bottom Module sold out for how long?

I need to replace the bottom module as I can’t charge my phone anymore (when I plug the charger, nothing happens) but it is “sold out” on the website. Does anyone know for how long it will be sold out or if I can buy it somewhere else?

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+1. I have the same problem. An answer would also be helpful for me.

My workaround is to post an buy offer for an used bottom module in the marketplace. The idea is that a person not wanting to use his/her FP2 anymore, but wanting to sell it, gives the bottom module to me, waits, buys a new bottom module from Fairphone when it’s available again, and finally sells his/her FP2 later.

+1, same here. Sometimes it helps to remove the shell, and then the phone will charge for a while (but this is getting harder and harder as well.)

I will probably buy a universal battery charger, even though it is a bit inconvenient to remove the battery every time I want to charge it.

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Well, I understand why the display module is so popular (some of them were defective and it is also the first thing you break on a phone), but why is the bottom module sold out and not the top module? Do you think that it is not strong enough for the micro usb to be plugged in every day?
BTW: I don’t have any problem, I just wonder…

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Well, there are two problems: a) a defective micro USB port (or a non-charging FP2), b) a defective microphone. The vibration motor and the speaker seems to break not so often.

You could build an intact bottom module from two if one has a broken microphone/micro USB port and the other has a broken vibration motor/speaker.

I have opened a support request (#148419) to get an official answer when the bottom module is available again. (Why does sending a support request only work with Internet Explorer, but not with Firefox? → #148466)

That’s actually a good idea. Maybe Fairphone could think about a second hand store! Instead of throwing away the broken parts/phones or recycling them with all the other ones, we would send them back to Fairphone, they would keep the working parts and sell second hand modules cheap (to cover the expenses of the extra work). That would be ideal, but it sounds utopian…
Other solution: open a new thread and let people say if they have extra modules or broken phones they want to throw away and let handy people get them to give them a new life.
Edit: somebody has already suggested it and the unofficial second hand thread could be used for that, but I think nonetheless that people might be unaware that their broken module could be useful.

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Same problem, I have had to revert to an old smartphone for 2 months now. An answer and a wait list would be nice- that way we could be advised when the module is back in stock

Fairphone sent me a warranty replacement. So they seem to have some stored for warranty replacements. So write to support and ask for a warranty replacement.

I also asked for a bottom module, as my microphone broke the second time in half a year but they told me they can’t send me a new one as they are still waiting for the products from china. I really hope, that the modules will be back in stock soon. I’m really loosing my patience with Fairphone…

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Same here - it seems that the module is broken. Anyone has any advice or news. I contacted them so I am waiting to hear from them. I read in this thread that there are several possibilities:

  • [quote=“tofra, post:8, topic:24428”]
    warranty replacement.

  • [quote=“JoelOttar, post:3, topic:24428”]
    a universal battery charger

  • Buy a used one

What is the best quickest option in your experience?

+1 The same here. The phone is not loading any more after I removed loads of dust from the micro-USB port. I would like to change the bottom-module so I can load the battery without an extenal charger.

Hopefully the next delivery from china will arrive soon.

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