FP2 begins to make Problems - what should I do?

I really love this :smiley:.


“Switch your Fairphone 2 to flight mode to make sure it’s safe from security concerns that come with being online, then continue enjoying the remaining services the device can safely offer – like the camera, music player, offline games and photo gallery.”

That’s my favourite. I extended the life of my Samsung S4 mini using LineageOS these days, I remember. I also remember Cyanogen or how it was called. It was fun these days. No phone ever worked as designed and I was dependent on these guys maintaining this software. I thought it would be better to have Fairphone directly responsible for the operating system. It was the ultimate selling point for me. FairphoneOS open - a dream came true.

This is really great. And I fought this for years and years, right now typing on an old Thinkpad T420 running a shady Linux distri… and now I’m 33 years old, I have a family, a job, I build a house right now and… now I really think of buying an iPhone. Seriously I think of throwing money on people and companies to keep this struggles away from me, because I cannot bear it any longer although I can through experience an knowledge. March 23. There is still time to think about it…

T420, so nice ! I had one too, now a Dell Latitude, bith Linux and Wondows, great too. If I had a choice for brand new computer it would be a Framework now :upside_down_face:

Beware of iPhone, I had one, it’s like Playschool toy for adult, so deceiving and boring. And fragile and expensive. And locked and you have to pay and pay, and so many ads ! But maybe you have to try to make your own opinion of course :wink:

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