FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

Hello, I encounter major battery drain for some weeks now…

That is essentially caused by my CPU that gets REALLY hot as I use my fp2 (I mean, I don’t think it’s a battery issue*). The thing is that I dont especially do heavy work on it : regular texting on Messenger or navigation on FB app, taking some pictures or sending sms.

My big problem: As I begin to use it, it gets hot really quickly! In about 5 min of usage screen ON - WiFi ON, it passes from 20°C to 40°C.

My Question: I don’t understand why my CPU gets so hot so fast!?? Well much quicker than before…

I noticed 3 strange behaviours about the overheating of my phone :

  1. I tried the new battery ‘Kickstart’ procedure BUT I noticed that when (and only when) my phone is OFF and charging it overheats to really high temperature. It doesn’t while it is ON… Why the hell CPU is getting that hot as my phone is OFF? The precise location of heat is above the battery (so I guess it’s not the battery that heats), thats the same location when the CPU is heavy used.

  2. Also when I update my apps, the CPU is getting really hot and I lose easily 10% of battery in 5min. During about 15min, it’s hard to keep up with it all day long.

  3. Since Android 6 update,when I check in the settings for the battery consumption, there is no more apps included in the bilan. I only have 3 causes of discharge : Screen (about 25%), Unactive phone (>5%) and WiFi (>5%).

The frustrating part is that I know heating is not good for the circuits of the phone, it increases the risks of overheating (vicious circle) and I actually can’t do anything to avoid that unless not using my phone anymore…

Does anyone have noticed same strange behaviour I mentionned above?
Has someone an explanation/solution?
*Could it be a software misoptimization? --> CPU ressources usage/Android 6/GPU ressources usage ??

I’m also having serious battery problems. My phone is currently plugged into my laptop with a USB. It’s ‘Charging slowly’, according to the lock screen, doesn’t have any apps registering a particularly heavy load on the battery… and it’s actually losing charge while plugged in.

Since the upgrade of the Open I have incredible battery problems… this is unacceptable…

Look at the time frame… In less than a min my phone went from 15% to shut down…

Not nice… not nice at all… :disappointed_relieved:

In my experience and what I read from many others, the battery performance is much better on Android 6, so I don’t think that the update broke the battery life.

I would suggest to kickstart the battery, that may help the battery to get prober readings again.

If this does not help, figure out what is causing the enormous drain. Apps like BetterBatteryStats are quite helpful in that regard.

I think it might have something to do with the SD card… just an intuition though…

I’m copying everything and I’ll format it in order to use as internal memory… or not… I don’t know what to doooo! :scream:

Here’s a link :wink: .

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Yeah I did that… after 15 min of activity I’m down to 85% this morning… :frowning:

Check this out:


Exact same problems… disastrous…

It’s incredible… phone is taking more time to charge when plugged in than to discharge when used!!!

Well, it is also possible that your battery is dead.
Li-Ion batteries usually are considered to have a life time of 6 months, depending on how well you treat them they may last more or less long. If kickstarting the battery didn’t change anything and you find nothing suspicious in your battery stays, it may as well be that your battery simply reached end of its life.

If that’s the case… it was fast… But I doubt it… as it was very bad, then got better and now (after update) it’s horrible again…

Please wipe the cache as I posted previously, then please report back.

I did! it didn’t work…

Switch off the phone and take off the cover to see if the battery is bloated. If it is, you should replace it immediately.

I did! I did absolutely everything I found on the forum… and I’ve doing it for sometime now… it always comes back, I have found no effective solution… I already had my phone changed once by support and I also had it repaired once!!! :sweat:

Hmm, did you install the OTA release of version 17.06.4? If yes, maybe a factory reset helps… (You should back up your personal data before you reset your phone!)

If you don’t think its the battery/hardware, then you will need to find the cruel-pit. There are good analytic apps available, such as better battery stats that can help you find the problem. Otherwise you could do a hard reset and kickstart the battery. If you can then use the phone normally (i.e. before installing again your apps), you can exclude a hardware defect or OS fault, but know that the problem must be from one of your apps or settings. Then just install them one by one and figure out which one ruins your battery life. But as I said: I would start with using analytical tools to find the source.

The thing is that just before the update (Open OS) it seems to work more or less fine… I think it has something to do with the SD card since it doesn’t have write option after the update… it’s just a hint though…

So what happens then if you take out the SD card? Does battery life increase?