FP2 Battery charging & decreasing issue


My phone’s battery is 2% before charging, Now I connect it to a charger for 5 mins only (at 11:00 AM). After charging phone for 5 mins the battery capacity increases to 99% and removed the phone from charging (at 11:05 AM). I checked my mails and the forum, and kept phone on ideal mode for next 10 mins. It’s now 11:15 and it’s down to 2%.

But the strange thing is that phone keep running/performing for 2+ hours while having 2% amount battery

Can anyone help me out to over come of this problem ?


Sounds like your battery firmware needs to be reset.

In the #batteryguide there is a description for a battery reset. I’m not sure if the battery has to be drained for it to have an effect. Maybe try it first without draining and if it doesn’t help, watch some youtube videos on full brightness or play pokemon go until the phone shuts off and try the reset again.
Make sure you don’t try to turn on the phone while charging during the reset or it will not work.


I have two batteries and the battery level of both behaves badly also. The battery level drops very fast after it has reached about 40%.

Example: When playing pokemon go the battery level will decrease from 40% to 0% within about 20 minutes.
But I can play longer than 1 hour with the first 60 percentages.

Because I have 2 batteries I would like to use them as backup when one of them is empty. But of course I don’t want to “reset” them every time because this means 1/2 hour without phone according to the guide (To kickstart the battery:Take out the battery of the phone;Wait for half an hour and put the battery back in the phone)

So I would like to know if there is any solution or should I just throw away the second battery?

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