FP2 Bad picture quality

Hi there

My FP2 started to take bad picture quality some time (weeks/months?) ago. Green (e.g. grass) gets really aggressive. Landscape, blue sky and white clouds are not handled appropriately anymore.
It has not been like that before and I don’t want to work on every pic (which would not help much anyway). Examples of two pics see here: bad pics - Google Drive

Also other types of pics are not the same quality anymore, however it is not quite that obvious.

Could the replacement of the camera help? Can a camera turn bad?
Or is it a software issue?
It is that bad, and since taking and sharing pictures is important to me, I started to think of replacing the phone, if I can’t solve the problem in a different way.

Thanks for any help and ideas

Hi Mischa, looks like the pictures shown here, so its more a software issue I guess. Overexposed photos on 8MP (old) back camera since Android 9 (#156) · Issues · Products / Android 9 on the FP2 · GitLab
Overall since A9 there are several issues with the stock camera app, so if you this under Androis 9 I would advise to use Open Camera app


Dear Fairphone Angel

1001 thanks! The first few trials with the Open Camera show way better results!
Waiting for good weather now for more testing…

Best regards from Switzerland


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