FP2 - autoselect SIM for outgoing phone call

I have 2 SIM cards in my FP2 and selected ‘always ask’ in the preferences for selecting the card for outgoing calls as I’m using one SIM for business and the other for personal calls. Works.
If I have a handsfree BT connection to my car audio and want to place an outgoing call. Too bad that I’m asked again on the phone screen what SIM card to use - that’s not “handsfree” anymore. So the call is never established.
Has anybody found a solution to this besides changing the preferences each time I’m using the handsfree connection?
Or could the SIM card selection be extended by some kind of timeout? E.g. if no selection is made within a certain time, use a default SIM, or the previously used SIM or …

@mav, a friend of mine uses the commercial app True Phone Dialer & Contacts: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hb.dialer.free
This dialer remembers the selected SIM for each given contact that you have called in the past - no need for the selection dialogue.

I for my part decided to use ExDialer (also commercial): it offers a contact-groups-view which FP2’s default software lacks.
And as my Bluetooth headset automatically re-dials the last number if I push the headset’s main button, I really like FP2’s “which SIM should I call the contact with?” dialogue as this keeps me from accidentally placing a call every now and then by just taking the headset out of my pocket or something like that. :slight_smile: