FP2 Android 9 - Hotspot issues

I updated to Android 9 (got the update notification on Sunday, and installed 21.03.0-rel2 when it was released a couple of days later).

Since then, using my mobile as a hotspot works alright (I tend to use this when home internet is playing up, which has been happening recently), except for Zoom calls, which are almost completely unusable now (it connects normally for a few seconds, then all video and audio callers become incredibly slowed down, and finally it disconnects within about half a minute; it tries to connect again for a while and eventually does, and the whole thing repeats indefinitely). The same happens when using it as a wired USB hotspot.

I’ve seen a few issue trackers out there, wasn’t sure the best place to report this, and would also like to revert to Android 7 until a fix has being produced. Is there any way to do this (the only way I can see would be installing Lineage OS, or Fairphone Open, both of which I think would wipe my data)?

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You can go back to Android 7, but because this is a downgrade, it will inevitably wipe your data (regardless of whether through Fairphone OS or Fairphone Open OS).


Now if you install LineageOS 17, it would be an upgrade (LineageOS 17 is on Android 10) and would usually maintain your data. However, the degree to which your Google apps are carried over depends on various factors – you need to find out beforehand how far you want Google to come with your LineageOS installation. As I don’t use Google apps myself, I cannot provide any specifics there.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Will look into those options!

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