FP2 Android 9 apps crash and glitch when scrolling

After upgrading to Android 9 on my Fairphone 2 I’m experiencing a problem where the screen will “glitch” after scrolling for a time, and the app freezes. I can recover by closing the app and reopening it but sometimes this happens alot, and some apps I can’t really scroll very far through my feed at all in Mastodon say.

Any ideas?

This is very similar sounding to:

In general I’m very happy with the upgrade to Android 9, it’s actually made my FP2 feel much more responsive and crash less in general.

Did you enable OpenGL ES 3.0 in Settings - Maintenance - Enhanced hardware features?
(There’s a notification after the upgrade/install pointing to that.)

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I did enable that yea, and I’ve checked and it’s still turned on.

I should mention that a similar thing with the screen used to happen on Android 7 but it’d actually freeze my whole phone needing a restart, this would probably happen once a day so it wouldn’t really bother me. Since installing Android 9 it doesn’t taken down my whole phone, I can just close the program. But it happens /alot/ sometmes many times in a row making it quite hard to do stuff on my phone.

It actually doesn’t seem to happen if I scroll much much slower than normal, and I can see the screen starting to glitch before it happens, so I can “see it coming”

You could check whether the behaviour is the same with this turned off, just to troubleshoot.


I’m pretty sure this has fixed the issue.
My phone now exhibits the problem much more like it did on Android 7, it will occasionally crash still (though thankfully only taking down the app), perhaps a couple of times a day.
So with the OpenGL ES 3.0 turned off it’s much more stable. Better than it was on Android 7 actually, because I can just restart the app to fix the issue, not have to restart my whole phone.

I don’t do anything graphics intensive on my phone so it shouldn’t be a problem being off.

Thanks for your help, I barely even remember turning that on!


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