FP2 Android 7 Wifi blocks 4G reception

I have searched and not really found a similar problem. On phone restart my sim card connects to 4G fine. I have 2 sims active (UK and Swedish) and swapping them around does not sure the problem). Then after connecting and disconnecting to a wifi 4G signal disapears and goes to 2G until I restart my phone (but not in the presence of wifi). In some extreme cases it locks to wifi and that wifi cannot be switched off even though it is many kms away.
I have factory reset my phone (grrr), deleted all except default Android apps, and also reloaded Android 7 (after factory reset) but the problem still persists. I have tried to load Android 6 but the phone just loops (even after factory reset).
It appears that the wifi somehow interferes with the phones ability to connect to anything above 2G.
Any suggestions?

Well, could you try with one SIM? Im on Lineaege, and I regularly reach and leave WIFI coverage, and the phone reconnects reliably to 4G…

Which one?

You know only one SIM can connect to 4G right? To make sure the one SIM you want to can connect to 4G you have to set the preferred network type for the other SIM to 2G.

What do you mean “that wifi” can’t be switched off? You should be able to switch off wifi in general or you can “forget” a certain wifi network.

Thanks for the comments. I am aware that one sim is set to 4G and the other to 2G. I am talking about (for the sake of argument) the first sim slot which is set to 4G and the second to 2G.
Re the wifi forgetfulness problem: it is one wifi system that is not forgotten by FP2 when phone moves away from wifi. I don’t think the issue of wifi stopping 4G on sim 1 and wifi lack of forgetfulness are the same problem.
I have swapped sims into (4G sim moved from slot 1 to slot 2 and 2G sim moved to slot 1) and likewise switched 4G on in slot 2 sim and 2G on in slot 1. The problem of wifif switching off 4G in slot 2 seems to disappear.

Coming back to Paulas question… What do you mean by “forgotten”? The WIFI will stay in your list of known WIFI networks, but it should not show “connected” (or whatever it is in non german ;-), because it is still defined, for passwords and potential further configuration)
If you leave the range of the wifi, wifi will be disconnected and mobile data should kick in.

Thanks for your comments. I think the problem re the wifi is secondary. I realise that it stays in the list of wifi networks until next within range (so to speak). The problem is that FP2 did not drop that wifi connection when out of range and blocked out all other wifi networks.
However, the key problem is the issue of any wifi (not that particular one discussed above) switching off 4G and FP2 needing a restart (and also not connecting to wifi) to get 4G operating in slot 1. As I have said I have factory reset my phone and the problem still occurs - which started with Android 7 upgrade.

Hmm. Maybe a screenshot of your wlan list after you left WiFi coverage might help us understand the situation better?

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