FP2 Android 6 bug: navigation bar blocks Snapchat buttons

See screenshot below:

Not being able to send anything defeats the whole purpose of the app ;). Luckily, I can still send text messages so can at least tell my friends I’m not available.

There’s also a number other issues in Snapchat, all related to the navigation bar - attaching pictures to messages is impossible, for example. I don’t know if it’s the FP2 OS or Snapchat that is the cause of this bug, since other apps (that I use at least) don’t seem to have this issue, but I figured I’d report the bug here first since I doubt Snapchat will bother to look into this (their Android support is abysmal).

EDIT: I’m trying to tag this as “bug report” but the forum doesn’t let me for some reason.


I have also noticed that some buttons of the Snapchat app were behind the navigation bar, but I thought this was a Snapchat error. So I didn’t open a thread.

The categorization as a bug report was blocked for most users (except regular users, leaders and moderators) because of:

  1. Duplicate entries.
  2. Reporting things as “bug” which are actually not a bug.

A good chance to get this thread moved into “Bug reports” is to create a poll if other users can reproduce the bug.

Can you reproduce the problem?

  • Yes, I have this issue, too
  • No, I do not have this issue
  • I can not test it

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My personal eligibilty limit is 10 votes and 50 % can reproduce this problem (there is no official eligibility limit).

Please note that there is no “how-to” with Android 6.0 bugs yet as there is a bug tracking system introduced now. So the mentioned bugs are not moved into “Bug Reports” until further notice.


I have the same problem with Snapchat. I also notice it sometimes (not always) in Hill Climb Racing 2.

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Thank you for enlightening me, tofra!

I’ll abstain from voting, since the answers specifically include “I have this issue, too

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I have this problem too

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Hi. We are investigating this issue.




Any luck finding a fix to this? It’s really annoying.


This will be fixed in the upcoming update.


Fairphone OS 17.05.2 (Android 6.0) is now available.

It does fix this issue :slight_smile:


OK. It’s fixed on my phone.

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