FP2 + Android 10: Where is scheduled switch on/off?

Where in menu is scheduled switch on/off? I have FP2 + Android 10.
If there is no feature, then please change it for feature request.
Is it at least in e/OS?

Do you want to cometly shut your phone off and start it again by schedule?

If so, that’s not possible without installing a custom kernel (and probably modifying and compiling the default one before to have one available). Otherwise Android does really power off the device when shutting down, that’s the reason why even alarms won’t work in that state.

You could have a look at apps like Tasker to make a schedule that fits your needs.

This is just a user forum, so it’s very unlikely that a fairphone employee will see this. If you want to request a feature, you have to #contactsupport. But to be honest, I think it’s very unlikely to happen.

To put your phone in airplane mode and activate the battery saver won’t drain much more power than an implemented standby feature.


I mean very common Android feature offered by any other brand, where phone is switched off automatically at the evening (same as “switch off” manually after pressing on/off button). And switched on automatically again at the morning.

Ofcourse, phone is still possible to wake up for alarms (but, it has to boot at first because OS has to be initialized). All phones that I had, worked in this way. No-one was totally dead ignoring alarms.

FWIW, not a single Android phone I have ever used has offered this feature for many many years (the last I saw that did was running KitKat, I think). These days, a scheduled do-not-disturb is the way to do it, possibly combined with ‘bedtime mode’ (which combines DnD with a darkened screen and a few other wrinkles and automatically turns itself off in the morning when an alarm goes off as well as on a timed schedule).


Yes, that’s not so common as it seems to be. Some of the earlier Android phones supported that behaviour, but it got less and less common over the years. At least for Google Pixel and Samsung, I think such a feature doesn’t exist anymore. I have to admit that I’m not quite sure about Xiaomi and Huawei.

Like I said, I think this is due to the fact that there are no real advantages given. Airplane mode in combination with some strict battery saver settings will give you practically the same results and on top you minimize battery drain when the device is powered off and you don’t have to potentially unlock your SIM again.


For reference: Which ones?

It’s really not a common feature nowadays, and hasn’t been for years as far as I see.


Acer Liquid E700, X2
Coolpad Mega 3.
and all non-smart phones like Siemens, Samsung etc.

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That’s the point. They are not Android Smartphones.

It’s not a point if Acers and Coolpad are smartphones with Android.

But from ancient times.

Please, stop this apologism if you don’t have anything useful to say.


You started with the statement that any other brand of Android phone is offering this option. When we asked for some examples you mentioned two very old Android phones and some more ancient feature phones.

It’s a fact, that most if not all current Android smartphones including Google Pixel phones don’t have this option. Fairphones are no exception from the rule.

Of course you can contact support and ask for a feature update. But I doubt that Fairphone is willing or able to add that for the FP2, which still gets updates but no upgrades anymore.


I can’t find it in the settings using /e/OS 1.3-q-20220825213388-dev-FP2.

I see a lot of screenshots from ancient Android versions, explicit mentions of Android Nougat (Android 7) as something cool and new, several articles with recent dates give the impression of just chewing over outdated stuff to get some clicks today, some even have comments where readers say that they don’t find all this stuff on their recent phones. Suggested automation options readily come with the disclaimer that they can only schedule a shutdown, not boot again … all in all not worth any time unless more specific links can be given.

It seems your options are either to curse the heavens in futility, or to get on with a forever imperfect world and explore Do not disturb mode, airplane mode and the battery saver.

And just to say … If I would find out that my Android smartphone would support this today, I would be very pleasantly surprised (I don’t like the degredation of stuff which just worked in the past either), but I wouldn’t dare to really rely on Android to handle this correctly, I would bet on this feature to fail at any given most inconvenient time :slight_smile: .


I’d call it more or less useless. I bet it was removed because Android phones these days always encrypt their userdata parttion and require password authentication to unencrypt it (unavoidably, since the encryption key is derived from the password): without that, more or less nothing works and the phone is barely even a phone, just an emergency-call dialler (it might possibly be able to receive incoming phone calls, never tried).

This means that it’s pointless having a timed reboot option because it wouldn’t be anything like the “save power and turn back on as I left it in the morning” option: instead it would be an “in the morning my phone is useless until I type a password in” option. Would anyone actually find that useful, in a modern world in which seemingly everyone is used to a “plug everything in to charge at night” ritual in any case?


For reference: Which ones?

Wiko phones (Android) had that a least a few years ago (Cink Peax & Cink Peax 2). But it wasn’t common on the overall phone market, it had to do with a feature offered by Mediatek SoCs/processors.

Maybe other Mediatek phones still have this. But Fairphone except the 1 don’t use these SoCs.

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