FP2 Android 10 not responding to power switch occasionally

Hi, my FP2 sometimes does not react to power button press, but it remains stuck in standby. Sometimes half a minute later it reacts as if nothing had happened. I had this also with Android 9. Then I switched to /e/OS. There, the problem wasn’t there. I switched (accidentally) to Fairphone Open and to the actual Fairphone OS, and now it happens way too often. It also happened, that someone was calling, and I couldn’t answer because the screen did not react.
I dismounted the screen and put it back together carefully. Nothing changed.
Is this a software bug, or is it hardware related?

Please check Settings > Storage to find out how full your storage is. I recommend to not exceed 80% too much.

Going back to /e/OS is not an option?

Thanks for your feedback. Storage is not a problem: There is no SD-card, and internal storage is only at 25% full.

Unfortunately, the address-book in /e/OS lacks some features I cannot relinquish, nor I found an alternative. I am using categories/labels.

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I use groups. Can be found in Simple Contacts.

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