FP2 - Android 10 and data connectivity

Hello everyone.
I am the proud owner of a FP2 and recently updated to Android 10.

If I remember correctly there has been 2 reselases (intial release + update) of Android 10 for FP2 and there will be a 3rd and last one during this year.
Please someone correct me if this is not the case.

Thing is since the update to Android 10 when I switch from WiFi to data connection (either by turning OFF the WiFi and turning ON the data or by having previously both ON but just turning WiFi OFF or walking away from the WiFi router) my data does not work.
I tried turning OFF and ON data but nothing works in this sense to bring back the data connection. The only thing that seems to work when this happens is rebooting the phone with only data ON. Then data works perfectly.
Obviously this solution is quite annoying, although I am not going to give up with FP2 because of having to reboot it every now and then.

But I will appreciate if someone else has this issue and knows how to solve it or if this could be solved with the new and last update of Android 10.


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This issue seems to pop up every now and then as you can see in the search:
Some people resolved it by updating the carrier services app, others did a factory reset and there were still some more solutions probably. Just go through the threads listed in the search and see if any of these help with your issue.


thats already reported as bug, maybe @AndresRB90 you want to follow up there.


Using Fairphone Open 22.04, I experienced a similar issue - no mobile data at all (regardless of reboots). The Fairphone support sent me (via Threema) a list of things to try, and an easy one was switching the SIM card into the other (free, in my case) slot. Now it works again… don’t ask why.

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Thank you everyone for your helpful advice. I will try those solutions and come back with the outcome.


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It seems updating Carrier Services worked out and this far problem seems to be gone. I am able to switch between WiFi and mobile data connection quickly and easily.




I’m sorry but it seems I said victory too soon. Issue is back without apparent cause… I’ll keep trying solutions like factory reset.


Mobile data is working on boot but if I turn it off once, it won’t work again even if I turn it back on.
When I use the wifi hotspot and connect with my computer, if a put the computer to sleep, the mobile data will also stop working.
A reboot usually solves the problem, but it’s quite annoying.
Wifi works fine, the issue is only with mobile data (4G/3G, etc.)
The issue seems not to occur systematically though, which makes it harder to debug/reproduce.
I will post here again and try to describe what I was doing when it occurs again in the future.

What I tried

I searched for similar issues on the forum and tried several things

  • Resetting the APN / manually setting the APN parameters : this seemed to help a bit, but the issue keeps coming again
  • move the sim card to the other slot: didn’t changed anything

What I have

Phone: Fairphone 2
OS: Fairphone Open 22.06.0-rel.0
Internet provider: Orange (french provider)

Hi and welcome,

I think that is mentioned in the bug tracker, maybe followup there, as I assume there is no fix yet

Please also read above I moved your topic to this existing.