FP2 Add-on Camera: How do I know if it's already fitted, and does it have better closeups?

Hi everyone. I bought my Fairphone 2 in December 2018, and I like everything about it except the main camera, which doesn’t focus close enough to take a readable photograph of an A4 sheet of print.

I see there’s a new, improved, add-in camera. My questions are:

  1. May my phone already have it, and, if so, how do I check?
  2. Does it have better close focus performance than the original camera?

I’ve seen this thread, but none of the pictures are closeups.

All Fairphones bought from September 2017 onwards already have the upgraded camera.

You can check in the settings app (somewhere in “about phone” or so). The upgraded cameras have 12MP and 5MP, the first cameras had 8MP and 2MP


I recommend you go through the camera tips at Fairphone’s Troublershooter tool:


In the later steps, it will also specifically address focus issues.


What the guide doesn’t mention, and what should be step 1, is to check whether the plastic foil that’s used to protect the camera during shipping has been removed along with any glue residue.


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